• Classes Offered

  • Preschool Ballet –  3-4 years (Rangiora)

    Our preschool ballet classes are designed to be a fun introduction to ballet while still allowing children to learn in  safe and structured environment. For preschoolers, there is a big emphasis on dancing with props such as fairy wands, scarves and crowns to help them learn the very basics of ballet.  All preschoolers have the opportunity to dance in our end of year show. It is inspiring for this age group to see the older dancers perform and to dance on stage is great for their confidence!

    Classical Ballet – Ages 5 and up (Rangiora)

    Our classical ballet classes from Pre Syllabus to Advanced  are structured in a way that’s fun and friendly but with an emphasis on quality training and performance. Students will learn the fundamentals of dance is a positive environment.  Every year students have the opportunity to sit exams and assessments through the British Ballet Organization (B.B.O.) which is an internationally recognized syllabus. The highlight of the year is the end of year production. A chance for every child to showcase their hard work and gain valuable performance skills.

    Jazz Ballet (Rangiora)

    Our Jazz Ballet classes offer an opportunity for students to gain co-ordination and flexibility from ages 6 and up. Set to upbeat music, our jazz ballet classes incorporate elements from jazz,ballet and contemporary dance techniques.