• Opportunities


    We offer the opportunity for students to undertake British Ballet Organization (BBO) exams. Students will prepare for  exams during class times during terms 1, 2 and 3.

    BBO ballet syllabus provides a great foundation of classical ballet training from preschoolers to advanced. It is an internationally recognized syllabus which has a strong focus on training young dancers to have strength, grace and musicality.


    Dance awards are a wonderful performance opportunity for students who wish to push themselves further. Students who wish to learn a solo dance  will have a series of private lessons and will to perform on exam day in costume for the examiner.

    Gold medalists will then be invited to compete and the Theatre Awards semi finals which held during BBO Dance Days every year which students travel all over New Zealand to attend. It is held in Christchurch and every second year in the North Island.


    The end of year production is the highlight of the year and something everyone looks forward to!

    Students aged 2 and up showcase their talent and how hard they have been working in this production that involves the entire school. Show work is prepared for over the fourth term and students perform in costume to an audience of over 300 .

    This is the perfect opportunity for children of all ages and abilities to gain confidence in performing and work together to create a wonderful performance for parents,grandparents and friends to enjoy!

    Previous Shows

    2010  –  A Day in the Garden

    2011 –  A Night in the Nursery

    2012 –  Dancing Through the Seasons

    2013 –  Around the World

    2014 –  The Circus Comes to Town

    2015 - A Day in Wonderland